Bookmarked: This Lullaby

Like the John Greens, it’s so difficult to find the Sarah Dessens.

I originally asked for this last Christmas but Kathy couldn’t find a copy of the book so she gave me a Fully Booked GC instead. The GC, btdubs, was the one I used to purchase my The Hunger Games trilogy. I kind of hate Fully Booked for selling the expensive ones. :/ ANYWAY, I found and bought the book just last March 16 when I accompanied my brother to his field trip. I started reading just this Monday (26th) and then continued last night because of work (huhuhu). Fortunately enough, I finished the book today. I spent my Saturday with this baby (aside from my actual baby boy, of course):

This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

The story is about this girl Remy who doesn’t believe OR believes that love is overrated. It is the outcome of living through life with her mom’s 4 failed marriages. Remy has her guard and all the concrete walls up to guard her and her fragile heart (which she doesn’t really admit). She has these rules, standards, and timelines in dating a guy — from the hook up to the break up. Then she meets Dexter, the awkward, gangly, happy-go-lucky musician who is out of her league but she couldn’t seem to shrug off. In a nutshell, This Lullaby tackles about the complexities of commitment, and how it is alright to always take the risk for love.

I didn’t get too attached with the book although I was with one character though – Dexter. I’m intrigued on how he’ll play everything out, being the optimistic guy that he is. May I just say that amongst all the books I read and the fictional characters I fell in love with, Dexter is the one closest to my reality. He’s the most real to me. I know this might sound shallow but he reminds me of someone I used to know and love… Someone who I miss dearly and will forever hold a place in my heart…

The book is very relatable as well. Would you take the leap of faith without the assurance of not getting hurt? Will you be brave enough to take the risk and just go with your gut? I’ve always been the girl who’s willing to risk it all. I am not afraid to get hurt or whatever. It’s just that, I’ve always been a victim of timing. We were never in good terms.

“Everything, in the end, comes down to timing. One second, one minute, one hour could make all the difference.”

Aye, aye dear sir.

This Lullaby is a good read. It made my heart beat fast. It’ll teach you that no matter how high your wall is, no matter how hard you try to guard your heart and set all these rules, there will always be that one person who will come into your life and will make you break every rule you set, every wall you built.

Letting your guard down is true courage, and the way to true happiness.


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