Something to look forward to

What makes everyday better?

See post title!

Seriously though, everyday becomes better when you have something to look forward to. It may be a person or an event! The past weeks have been pretty tough for me that I just had to list down things I should look forward to… Can’t think of anything that is applicable to what’s happening now… I’ll just have to take into consideration what I’ve been doing in the past. Hahaha!

When I was still studying I have this one person who I go to school to. I know I’m such a deep person right! But you know what I mean. This one person makes the day bearable and special in some kind of twisted way. I miss this feeling by the way. Being inspired and giddy and jumpy. I miss the chills! Looking back, I don’t think I’ve been going to school for the wrong reasons. Hello thanks to my crushes pumapasok ako! Chos.

Looking forward to an event is worse than a person. It makes the day slower than usual. Waiting is a bitch when you’re excited about something. Diba? Bagal ng oras! Tapos kapag andyan na, when you’re in the moment, bilis bigla ng oras. Bitch talaga! Oh well. Time and happiness are fleeting. Reality slap check!

I have no idea what made me write this. I was reading Neil Gaiman (oh his words consumed me!) then I started thinking about…this. What to look forward to. I realized that I feel nothing. I don’t have anything or anyone in mind too.

I got nothing. Not a wee bit of excitement about anything. Now that I realize this, it’s kind of frustrating. My heart’s beating fast now, must be because of the caffeine.

I have to work on this then. Got to find that something that will excite me. And make me look forward to everyday.

Just because all I want, right now, is for every single day to be freaking bearable and okay. I’ll start from there.


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