Time Machine

If you’re my friend, you should know that I love boybands. I am a big fan of boybands — then and now. My everyday playlist consists of BSBs, NSYNCs, A1s, Blues, Westlifes, 98 Degrees, 5ives. Even boybands who some people do not really know like O-Town and Plus One and LFO and 911. Name it, I have them in my iPod. I take pride in my “music taste.” Most people would find it baduy but what the hell, istening to these songs take me back to the time when all I worry about is how to watch MTV the whole day… and who could be the next MTV Artist of the Month and/or Hot Seat (secretly wishing it’s The Moffats! Haha).

Last night, I went to this concert. I almost didn’t go cos I had no one to go out with. I don’t want to sing my heart out ALONE! I know we’re all together (the audience and I) in doing that but it’s still better if I have some friends with me. Good thing, my twitter- and Devcom mates Ive and Jen plan on going. So we did!

My ticket. It’s Upper Box B which is super sulit na! You gotta love Araneta.

We arrived at the coliseum around 7pm. The waiting was too long just cos we’re very excited! We figured Jeff Timmons will be the first to perform since he’s the soloist, without the other three 98 Degrees members. I was kinda worried for him… Hehehe. We all are I think!

Anyway, past 8pm Jeff Timmons came out onstage. Good thing he was able to pull his set off! He’s actually pretty cool. And super hot.

(c) Kris Rocha

Really smart move for him to have Southborder as his band! He even sang Rainbow so it really appealed to the Filipino audience. Also, he got someone from the audience and sang ‘I Do’ to her — the whole freaking song. The girl also had the chance to sing with Southborder for the second chorus since Jeff asked her to. Grabe, nakantahan na nga sya ng isang boyband hot person, nakakanta pa sya with Southborder sa Araneta Coliseum! Lucky girl. Jeff performed only 5 songs. At the very least. I enjoyed his set though! He got the audience hyped about the other groups.

a1 came next much to my disappointment (was really hoping they’ll be the finale). But I will kwento about Blue’s set first. Hihi. So Blue was the final act. They didn’t have a live band and they were complete which kinda explains why they’re the last to perform. I love Blue, but I was somehow disappointed with their set.

(c) Kris Rocha

They’re good live and they sounded the same. They only performed 8 songs, Best In Me excluded. They had one outfit change (they were formal-looking when they came out) and had choreography so they made up for it. I think. Anyway, the boys were hot with their bulging biceps and everything. Although Lee seemed too cocky for my taste. Nonetheless, they were able to pull it off! I’m just thankful I didn’t watch the concert for Blue.

As I’ve mentioned, a1’s set was before Blue. May I just say, a1 exceeded my expectations. Okay let me rephrase that, a1 exceeded everyone’s expectations. Their set, is sobrang sulit.

I died when their first song was Same Old Brand New You. Dun palang, masaya na ako. I was jumping and screaming and dancing! I was so prepared for Ben, Christian, and Mark. They also seemed happy to be in the Philippines. They played almost all of their hits. I am not kidding! They performed Same Old…, Everytime, Like A Rose, Caught In The Middle, Summertime of our Lives, songs from their album, Take On Me, and this medley with all of their hits! I died the second time when they played One Last Song.

BUT, my favorite performance of the night was this.

(c) Kris Rocha 

Thank God Kris Rocha captured this moment. OHMIGOD.

They asked everyone to stand up and dance Ready Or Not with them. I was overjoyed, in bliss, euphoric! I didn’t want their set to end! I was completely satisfied and beyond with their performance. Their set lasted for more than an hour which was more than we wished for! And oh, did I mention that Ben is too cute and adorable? And that Mark looked super happy to be performing for us (he kept on waving which is cute)? And that Christian looks like the silent type but when he mentioned that his Pinoy nickname was Chan-chan everyone went wild?

And that their set was just too damn perfect. *giddy fangirl*


Last night was too awesome for words. Araneta Coliseum became this big ass time machine. Last night, for a good three hours, I was thrown back to the time when everything was simple and fun and carefree. The best thing about the concert was, it felt like the whole coliseum was one, like we’re all connected. We sang to the songs together with the bands, which I think overwhelmed everyone. I guess at some point, we’re all longing for that kind of moment — to get out of the present and go back to our childhood just to appreciate what we had and have.

That kind of moment was what I needed. Thank you for last night, Lord. I almost didn’t go, I could’ve regretted it. It was, so far, the best night of my 2012.


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