An Open Letter to Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Dear Joe,

I know that you acknowledge your fans but you dislike the idea of being called a celebrity. And that’s what I love about you, Joe. You don’t brag about your achievements when you should. Your filmography is full of movies that touched a lot of people… and I give you credit for choosing each and every role you had. I’m sorry though that I don’t have the guts to watch Mysterious Skin yet. Soon, I promise. I know how much that film means to you and to others who have been sexually abused and tormented. Just so you know, my favorite so far, is 50/50. The story was simple yet full of life and hope and humor.

You’re an artist, Joe — a true artist and actor. You’re a very generous guy as well. That’s another thing that I love about you. I love that you use your connection/expertise in the industry to give opportunities to other budding artists through hitRECord. hitRECord is not just an organization, it’s a community. It’s a community that is bursting with talent and creative minds. Whenever I hear the word ‘contribute’, I immediately associate it hitRECord. What you built here is really special. Artists are given a chance to show their skills, their talent, whatever they have to the world. This community is overflowing with inspiration. I hope you know that you’ve been helping a lot of people through this. You’re making dreams come true. When I watched your segment in the Sundance Festival, you were so inspired and proud of what your community has done. Your final masterpieces weren’t just entertaining, they also inform, educate, and motivate.

I hope that if ever I go to New York, I’d get to see you or maybe get the chance to see one of your shows. Continue being an inspiration to us all.


PS Belated happy 31st birthday, love!

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