Walk with me

I’ve always loved walking with you.

If there is one thing that made me disappointed during my LB visit is that I didn’t get the chance to walk with you. I like doing that… being in my safe place, with the person I’m comfortable talking to. I needed that, actually. I know it breaks the rules of moving on and letting things go but this is one thing about us that I won’t let go. This is our thing. Remember the time when we broke up, when you’re drunk you would always text me Then you would show up outside my dorm and I would always be there. This happened once a month. We would stroll around campus, holding hands. It was unhealthy for me cos those walks made me hold on for too long… made me hope for too long. But I don’t blame you for it. I’m actually happy we did that. Strictly no kissing, no touching, no whatever.

It was just us, the campus, our lives, our feelings, those talks, those walks.

It was perfect for me. And then it all ended. We lived separately, happily. But I always craved for those walks with you. Even without our hands intertwined, it would still be fine. I would just love to relive those moments and talk about your life and my life. What changed and what didn’t. You’ve always been a good listener but not much of a talker. I have a lot of things to share with you that I think I won’t be able to share through text (cos we’re always joking around, flirting even). It’s sad that we didn’t get the chance to do it… you don’t know how much I wanted to.

I hope that the next time you invite me to walk with you again — even if it’s not in UPLB. I hope that it would be soon and I hope that you would talk more. I would love to hear about your escapades and how your life has been.

I miss my friend, just so you know. I miss you and our walks.


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